Rhythm Roulette (Serato Edition): Boi-1da | Mass Appeal

Rhythm Roulette (Serato Edition): Boi-1da | Mass Appeal

You asked for it.

No, seriously, every day, you asked us for it. On Twitter, on Facebook, and then some.

Well, here you go. Welcome to the latest episode of ‘Rhythm Roulette: SERATO Edition,’ starring none other than Boi-1da.

Above, as is customary in Roulettedom, 1da was willfully blindfolded and tasked with picking three records at random during a quick session of crate digging. As one of the producer’s early hits, Drake’s “Miss Me,” blares in the background, 1da finishes his blind date at the record store, and hits the studio to put his freshly obtained vinyls to the test using Serato software.

“I got my homie Mac Demarco,” says 1da as he begins to reveal his sampling options. “Very lit, looks as lit as we can be.” He sets a vinyl copy of the fellow Canadian’s 2 album down, and quickly introduces the other two participants: Soul Jazz Orchestra’s Under Burning Skies, and Dirty Vegas’ Ghost.

Since his initial come up, producing for artists popping out of Toronto’s then-underground scene, like Kardinal Offishal and Drake, 1da’s booming, ornate instrumentals have powered some of music’s biggest names to notable hits, including Eminem, Soulja Boy, and Rihanna’s dominant 2016 hit, “Work.”

Above, you’ll get a glimpse as to why, after a decade of heat, he is still so very in-demand.

1da got the chance to work with a brand new Serato software plug-in called Sample that integrates with Serato’s O.G. production software, Pitch ‘n Time. As the name suggests, Sample allows users to chop samples and manipulate them freely. BPMs can be adjusted to the utmost extreme without any loss of audio quality. A highly intuitive interface allowed the T-Dot producer to quickly find, chop, key-shift, and time-stretch samples.

Learn more and start a 30-day free trial of Serato Sample here: https://serato.com/sample

Take part in the #SeratoSampleChallenge for your chance to win $10k at https://serato.com/sample-challenge

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Comment (38)

  1. jeeeeeeeez!!! denaun has always been one of my favourites and his technique has always been kind mysterious to me. this is kinda mind blowing for both the insight for his workfow and how fire his beats come out/ how far he goes to flip as much as poss. that 3rd one is fucking sick 🤯

  2. Fan of his production, but this was lazy. He didn't even explore the records just went with first loops he could find. 2nd beat was ok, still basic with little skill involved but it was ok. The 1st beat was wack, and I understand disguising a sample to create an original track but he pretty much drowned it out with lowpass, 808 & drums. Cats don't take this serious enough, we want flames!

  3. Tip for serato users.Line up beginning of sample, check mono not poly to let sample play through.While playing just hit markers on midi controller where u want sample slice.ITS on tempo already and you hit perfect slices.

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