Rhythm Roulette: Skywlkr

Rhythm Roulette: Skywlkr

For this episode of Rhythm Roulette, Mass Appeal’s Danny Brown’s DJ, Skywlkr. We went to Peoples Records in downtown Detroit, where Skywlkr made his three record selections blindfolded. He ended up with Earl Bostic’s The Best of Bostic, Miki Howard’s self-titled album from 1989, and an electro record from an artist named Nicolas. From there, we went to Skywlkr’s crib, where he attempted to put together a beat out of all three records.

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Comment (46)

  1. i feel like this killed his career some actually… he has some sick beats tho… pretty unique sound actually, he's been a fun dj at live bruiser shows too

  2. This man co produced the best hip hop album of this decade. You guys feindin for old school or basic trap beats ain't supposed to be here.

  3. I came back for a second listen to make sure I didn't miss nothing and now I see where he was trying to go…..this shit is not a track that the typical rapper is ready for….I actually caught the beat this time…this really could possibly the start of a new sub era of hip hop….if that makes sense lol….still not something i'll put on my playlist though lol

  4. Wasted opportunity. I mean, you know you're gonna be on…not like they just show up unannounced. Get your shit right before you go in dawg.

  5. id never hate on a producer for doing their thing.. props to him for doing his thing.. i thought the beat was quite weak however i respect him for being able to make it on here. i hope to see Digi Hendrix from Rockstargimmedat on here some day.. how do producers and beatmakers get on your series ?

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