Rhythm Roulette: Sporting Life

Rhythm Roulette: Sporting Life

After a short break, we’re back with another episode of Rhythm Roulette, this time Mass Appeal presenting Sporting Life. Sport switched up the flow of things, sampling from three cassette tapes instead of going for vinyl records. Needless to say, the results are ill. After finding a tiny part of a sample on an unidentifiable tape, Sport created a drum loop that channels the vibes of the late Koopsta Knicca’s music. From there, he layered drums into the beat and his own vocals drops, shouting out Wiki of Ratking, who makes an appearance in the episode as well.

Watch Sporting Life create gold out of old-ass cassette tapes in the player above.

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  1. Can anyone answere what he is doing with hi left hand as he plays on the drum pads with his right hand. it seems like he is messing with a sensor device of some kind. AN ANSWERE WILL BE MUCH APPRECIATED

  2. For those who dont know, the main melodic singing sample Sport used is from a song called "The Wound of History" (although the cassette may be covered as English version), which is a song originally recorded in May 1989, and by over over 100 artists in Taiwan to support Tiananmen Square Protest, and it has become a banned song by China government.

  3. When he was sampling cassette I was like ok let's see where this goes.Reminds me of old set ups I had back in the day but he combined it with the new which was dope.We used to sample cassette alot and they're some of my favorite beats.👍

  4. Tommy Wright III was an original Trap Rapper out of Memphis in the 90s. Do yourself a favor and give him a listen. You will quickly see where Migos and all of these Trap Rappers got their styles!

  5. Hey, does anyone know how he records from the cassette tape recorder to the interface/ableton? Or is it just via USB? Like what is the process? Also what cassette player is that? thank you.

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