Rhythm Roulette: Thelonious Martin | Mass Appeal

Rhythm Roulette: Thelonious Martin | Mass Appeal

Mass Appeal links up with Thelonious Martin on this episode of Rhythm Roulette.

In this week’s edition of Rhythm Roulette we met up with Thelonious Martin at A1 Records on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Hot off the heels of last week’s release of Molotov, his joint album with Brooklyn’s very own Saga, Martin took us to Virtue and Vice Studios in Williamsburg to show us how one of Chicago’s finest producers chops up a sound he doesn’t usually work with.

“I’ve been on record saying, I’m not a fan of disco….unfortunately”, Martin told the crew at Mass Appeal.

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  1. It's sad how mac miller fans think this is mac miller. I was over at thelo's channel on YT and everyone was thinking it was macmiller…

  2. Dude’s a solid producer, but he’s kind ofa cry baby when it comes to the record selection and he was triggered by sexy women on an album cover. 🤦‍♂️ hahaha

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