Rhythm Roulette: V Don

Rhythm Roulette: V Don

Born in Harlem, Tivon Key aka V Don was raised by a local DJ and so he grew up surrounded by crates of vinyl. For the latest episode of Rhythm Roulette the producer who’s crafted bangers for the likes of Dave East, Maino and Trae the Truth tied on the blindfold and tried his luck at A1 Record Shop in the East Village. “Hopefully I’ma find some fire,” he said before selecting three albums at random.

His first joint was Paul Horn’s 1985 album ‘Inside the Great Pyramid’—“homie got the flutes going crazy,” V Don quipped after seeing the back cover. He also selected The Fifth Dimension’s 1968 LP ‘Stoned Soul Picnic’—“anything that say ‘Stoned’ is defintitely some hippy shit,” V Don observed hopefully. He also picked Sam Harris’s 1986 pop album Sam I Am on Motown Records. “I don’t know about this guy right here, my man Sam Harris. He look kinda crazy, but… you never know.”

V Don headed straight back to the lab and at the end of the day he cooked up not one but two heaters—laced with rhymes courtesy of Smoke DZA—and he ended sampling Sam Harris for both! Check out the latest episode of Rhythm Roulette right now.

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  1. Wait. Hold Up. Pause. This YOUNG ninja don't know "Stone Cold Picnic by the Dimensions?" God I'm old and shouldn't be watching this because of my pressure and my sugar!!!
    These young Ninja's finna kill me!!!!!

  2. Smoke DZA snapped

    So did V don but y’all weird in the c section sometimes. Vdon did a little more to that sample than ChaseTheMoney not to take away from anyone and y’all dragged him smh.

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