Rhythm Roulette: Wara From the NBHD

Rhythm Roulette: Wara From the NBHD

In this episode of Rhythm Roulette, Mass Appeal presents Wara at Wuxtry Records in Decatur, Georgia for Rhythm Roulette, where he randomly selected three records: Jackson Browne’s Lawyers In Love, Ace Cannon’s The Happy and Mellow Sax Of Ace Cannon, and Sternwheeler Steamboat’s Natchez Calliope.

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Comment (47)

  1. He could've found a few minor chords or melodies from that steamboat record and made a much better beat from that. That isolated sax would've been cool to chop too. Everyone's always passing up so many good samples on this show.

  2. Would've flipped that first clown music sample so hard. Just down pitch the sample, cut a bit of the high end with a really tame low pass, and chop the melody so it dances around itself (the melody is already there, just subtract from it).

  3. I think C2C sampled the bit at 3:25 for The Cell. Just sped it up a bit.

    Edit: Never mind, the "Yeah" sounds right, but there's no "Whoa", so it's probably not from there.

  4. not bad bro. I don't watch RR to criticize ,I play and all of my beats are made without chopping or sampling. I just like to see how diff. producers come at diff. samples. interesting

  5. some very decent samples to work with.. not that it matters much.
    if i'm stuck for anything to chop, i'll use my mpc as a synth and just look out for a few notes here n there to manipulate. chop small!
    dude didn't even chop the drums off the other record.
    i'm just not feelin this 'lazy' approach i see all too often.
    get creative, make mistakes, find the limitations and push the envelope.

  6. why do people assume cause the art work on the album cover is dope that the music on it will be as well? never understood that. the sample is dope but the drums is garbage.

  7. This shit is ass!  He needs to dig deep, research and learn, and take some time out to study the greats.  Also, get a haircut while he is at it.

  8. i spent uhh 400 on Reason 8 n 400 on my mpk249…i really want a mpc renaissance wich is goin for 700…idk y im sayn this but all of that plus a 250 Blue mic n 250 Scarlett audio interface. like 2000 for all that…but thats all u really need all that otha stuff these producers have earned i bought my shyt lol..

  9. Why is everyone so quick to comment hate, you try fucking doing what they're doing, it's really difficult, especially with the whack records he ended up with.

  10. that snare is so far in the low end you can barely hear it, this needs a nice crack man

    But otherwise this was a real simple episode but great beat

  11. I wonder why only hiphop producers are seen on here doing the rhythm roulette thing ?
    drumnbass & etc. producers would be tight too.

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