"Rich" – Ft. TheRealGmoney – (Fallacy EP)

"Rich" – Ft. TheRealGmoney – (Fallacy EP)

“Rich” – The first song of Luka 1964’s new album, “Fallacy”




Verse 1:

“Decided to buy some more,
Struggling with war,
Got too many flowers, just leave them on the floor,
Got a big mansion with doors,
All i do all-day is snore,
Give back to all the kids, give back to all the poor”

“I gotta hundred stacks, all i do everyday is flexing, i just sit around my house all day, i learned the art of resting, ya what you think you’re better than me, you’re just guessing and checking, i was the one making millions of stacks, while you were doing your testing!”

“Ya, now trippy face, glocky pop, who you thinking , is king around here, wipe the floor, get a mop, clean my plate, wash your act, hit the ground, don’t react, i got stacks, pack your bags, I’m up ballin, your just fallin, outa here, go out crawling, Now ya this is my town, this my city, sorry to break it to you, you’re not pretty, why the hate, why the anger, we just made a bop, we just made a banger, money on the table, money in the wallet, who are you to say, my mansion isn’t
flawless, I worked so hard, I’m been all around buying, i’m at the top already, you’re still trying”


Verse 2:

“Poor noh dont deal with that, mils on the weeks makin a stack, Cop the new whip, all in black, Problem, Manager for that

If you aint rich leave please, have a hundred, Just a tease,

Making fat stacks just whatch them grow, i’m rich gota make everybody know

Everone knows im rich, everyone knows im wealthy, But flexin on people just plain up isn’t healthy

If you talented, your actions show it, Dont tell people, they should know it

Dont act like im a fool, Cause i attend a public school, Have to work for everything i got, You sit at home and do not

Asking your parents for money, To get what you want, I aks my arent for money to get what i need
dont have to be rich to succeed, give money to those in need

be thankfull for your stuff, And i cant say it enough,, Somepeople work for days and still dont make enought, To buy the simple stuff

Like food, and water for their mom or daughter

Simple things to you can be big for another”


Verse 3:

“Don’t test me, you can’t best me, you don’t have a future, come and dress me, i’m a king, you’re a peasant, wrap your things, make it a present, uh ya, walking down the street and talking, huh you ain’t got no money, uh, that ain’t even shocking”

“Rain the chopper, buy the copper, hit the shopper, buy a whopper, hit the jogger, order a water, buy a robber, for a dollar, buy a house, buy some soccer, win the game, open a locker, won the lottery, it a shocker, song a flame, it a bopper”


#Supremerap #Richrap #Fallacy

(@”Rich” – Ft. TheRealGmoney – 6/24/[email protected])



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