Richard Humpty Vission – L.A.'s Power106FM 10th year Megamix 1986-1992 3of3 (BoogieBombDJ'sEdit)

Extremely hard to find cassette. Only was giving to few winning listeners.1986-1996 Mega Mix Side A & B.
Side A 1986-1992


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  1. Where is Part 2 ??? Vancouver BC had a all night dance party like this in the late 80s and entire 90s, it went nationwide after a certain time. Anyone remember what it was?

  2. YES!!! While I love this… I think mine at home was longer and had more songs!!
    I'm calling my brother and telling him he must ship this to me!!

  3. @jaaaymode Thx for the help. Whats the song that starts @ 5:10 and its not "Understand This Grove" but the song playing in the background. It starts again @ 6:10. ALso song @ 6:54 "Clap the Funk song" whats the name pls.

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