Rick Ross – The Devil is A Lie (Explicit) ft. Jay Z

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Music Video performing The Devil Is A Lie (C) 2013

Directed By: @Ash_Innovator

“We don’t claim to own this music. All rights go to MMG/DefJam/UMG. Made for entertainment only & fair use under US Law.”

This IS NOT an ILLUMINATI video.
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  1. Everybody's discovering in the Holy Bible collecting viable information about 2 people conceiving and what it is they write a written law and classes as rape where the blood is spilled funny innocent woman

    Arresting and question the People's authority of the conceive moment when it is known as a natural base but they collect this information from the Bible and the people who are in charge was the Roman Catholics who accused man of rape back in the old history of Mary and Jesus where Jesus was accused of rape and being tortured Alive by the Roman Catholic

    Weather phantom Mendes blood because Mary was a Catholic

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