Riz Ahmed – The Breakup (Shikwa)

Riz Ahmed – The Breakup (Shikwa)

Taken from #TheLongGoodbye album.
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The Breakup (Shikwa)

Britain’s broken up with me
We had our ups
But now it’s broken down
Lemme break down the whole fuckery
Fuck buddies turned toxic
Intertwined now we got kids
Built her up she left me broke
Cant believe I let her fuck with me

I was a mogul had the bling and the girls
Grit and the pearls
My stash was a quarter of the cash in the world
Then this stray pale chick came to trade
I laid with her, made me pay
she straight slithered
And then stayed I couldn’t kick her out

She saw I was at war with myself
And I’m a fool
Couldn’t decide who I was
So easy to divide and rule

Had me locked down
Beat me red and blue til I knew
Right was white and not brown
When they make you hate yourself
You hand over your crown
She moved in I was a guest
Unwanted in my own house

Stole my shit, broke my dick,
starved me scarred me,
She got paid off my back
still her piggy bank charged me

Then she had beef with some German next man
Went to war for her twice, lost my left hand
Only then I emptied all her shit out the bed stand
Threw her out, but she carved me in half,
a part of me’s still dead man

She was gone though
Thought I was finally free
Try get back on my feet
My phone flash and I see she keeps calling
Answer the phone she keeps bawling
Says now’s she’s broke and the way she’s living is appalling
She needs building up, restoring
Told me her soldiers have all fallen
Asked rush like the wind bringing the warmth in
a sob story and I bought it

The truth is I looked up to her and needed soothing
And thought if she accepted me my worth would be proven
So I moved in – yea
Had a few kids – yea
A future of mixed cultures
but I was so fucking stupid
Didn’t stop to think how badly it would just confuse them
Daddy, why does mum hate me, she looks and says “who’s this?”

Came home one day she changed the locks
My brown and white sepia sapna gone to pot
Says she blames me for how lately she feels lost
How she ain’t what she was and our kids don’t show no love
So now she’s taking back control
And she wants me to fuck off

Told the feds I’m dangerous insane and trying kill her off
Had no time to explain to them the snipers took their shots
I’m heartbroken and I’m homeless, trying to work out who I was
Before I was told I’m only good for sweat and blood and sweat and cock
Britannia trying to thrown me out
Brittney baby please stop
I thought we had a special thing
I know that we can make it up
Brittney if you break up with me then I might just break up

This will either be the end of the or be the wake up
Brittania breaking up with me, this the breakup

Riz Ahmed:


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