Riz Ahmed – The Long Goodbye

Riz Ahmed – The Long Goodbye

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Director: Aneil Karia
Created by: Aneil Karia & Riz Ahmed

Producer: Tom Gardner
Executive Producers: Scott O’Donnell, Tim Nash, Sally Campbell, Seth Wilson, Saskia Whinney & Caroline Reason
Production Manager: Maddy Perkins
Production Assistant: Chloe Slattery

Cinematographer: Stuart Bentley
Editor: Amanda James
Casting Director: Shaheen Baig
Additional Casting: Roxanne Farahmand
Production Designer: Ruth Crawford
Costume Designer: Holly Rebecca
Hair & Make Up: Lisa Mustafa
Gaffer: Bill Rae Smith
1st AD: Hayley Williams
Location Manager: Amrit Sahotay
Stunt Coordinators: Marc Cass & John Street
Sound Recordist: Nadine Richardson


Riz – Riz Ahmed
Aminah – Hussina Raja
Dad – Javed Hashmi
Mum – Sudha Bhuchar
Karim – Rish Shah
Aisha: – Ambreen Razia
Khadija – Taru Devani
Sana – Reynah Rita Oppal
Brother’s friend – Nikkita Chadha
Fatima – Asmara Gabrielle
Farheen – Marissa Hussain
Nas – Leon Ung

Riz Ahmed:


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Comment (33)

  1. This is a type of short movie that stays with you for a long time. Totally unforgettable and I applaud to every brave person involved in this. Showing this harsh but very very true story. Kudos to Riz Ahmed for ending performance. Gave me goosebumps. I hope it gets the recognition it truly deserves.

  2. This is what happens when Islamophobia goes unchallenged, we've seen what happened at Christchurch, if we don't stand up for the Muslims in our community; this short film will become a documentary.

    Sending love to Riz and all my Muslim fam around the world from a Sri Lankan Tamil Australian who was raised Hindu 🙏🙏❤️❤️

  3. I’m in PHYSICAL tears right now, thank you so much Riz. You’ve given British Pakistani’s a voice & more importantly spilt out true racism in the uk. I’m shaking

  4. Phenomenal. Lost for words. So close to whats happening around the world. Not only with Muslims, but minorities everywhere.

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