Riz Ahmed – Where You From | The Big Narstie Show

Riz Ahmed – Where You From | The Big Narstie Show

STREAM THE ALBUM HERE: https://rizahmed.ffm.to/thelonggoodbye
WATCH THE SHORT FILM: https://youtu.be/Lzz50xENH4g
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‘Where You From’ filmed on The Big Narstie Show.
Special thanks to Lyle Barton.

Riz Ahmed:




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  1. So amazing. It will take me time to absorb this fully and then hopefully I will come and comment again but, like everyone has already said, the lyrics are everything one could ask for

  2. less views because hes not sexualizing girls no party traps no beat songs .. but riz my freind what you are doing …. not much of a people can do it . apreciate all your effort

  3. People who disliked this… remove yourself from even watching this show. Riz bruked it up… this shit resonated hard with a child of the jamaican diaspora. Give this boy his props. Ain't gone Hollywood n forgot

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