Robert Glasper – Robtober

Robert Glasper – Robtober

Inside Look at Robtober Blue Note residency craziness!
🎥: T.L. Benton

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  1. I used to work at the blue note. The first time I heard rob play was there for Chrisette Michelle and I fell in love with his sound during his solo. It changed music for me. Whatever I’d been looking for in it he has it. Wish I could’ve been there I’ll catch ya when your back in LA.

  2. You can choose the Blue pill 💊 American Right Wing aka Trump or you can choose the Red Pill The Robert Glasper Experience or Trio?

    I pick the later each and every time!!!

    One love

  3. I was already impressed at the lineup but Angela Davis???!!!!!! Damn! What's the word after impressed? The only person that was missing was Assata Shakur.

  4. Miles Davis once said and I am paraphrasing , You have to understand Jazz change it moves and it don't wait . if you don't move with it you cannot grow. GROW ROBERT GROW IN TO THAT GIANT THAT'S NEEDED IN JAZZ NOW .#FUCKYOFEELINGS

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