Roc Raida (USA) – DMC World Champion 1995 — Winning Set

Roc Raida (USA)
DMC World Champion 1995 — Winning Set


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  1. All you button-pressing DJ's take a look at this s***! This is why he's a DJ and you guys would never be in his realm! You'll just be a button pressing colonising BJ – button jockey….

  2. It has been an honour learning from this man. He did not have to go out his way to show me the ins and outside of turntablism… he is one reason I keep on with deejaying…my sensei.

  3. From 1:452:00=shitty photography. The angle was in too tight and we couldn't see the tricks. The cameraman got lucky on the first one, because he was already shooting kind of wide. Then, when Raider goes to do the second one, the cameraman should have been able to figure it out and zoom out from the tight shot. And there's absolutely no excuse for missing the third one.

  4. By the way, before he goes into the Eric B is President routine, he plays "All you other deejays are a bunch of jerks…" Do NOT sleep on that record. That is "Marley Scratch" by DJ Marley and MC Shan. It's a dope ass record.

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