Rock Steady Crew – Uprock

Rock Steady Crew – Uprock

The first popular break dance band from NY,i think they started the break fever.

Give the gift of music. Check out this old school hip hop gear…


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  1. Whats so great about this song?
    Well if you take away all the people genre defining this… ect…  
    Musically, The Chord progression, arrangement and use of a variety of Electric/Acoustic instruments is masterful…
    Seriously , I reckon you could do this song in any style, (not talking about lyrics) , because at the meat of it all, Its a good song….
    Damn… I think ill try doing a cover….

  2. I can still remember tea cups flying and furniture breaking, me tripping over stuff running to stereo to tape this song that was playing on the radio back in the 80's

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