LL Cool J – Rock The Bells (Original Version) [1985]

LL Cool J – Rock The Bells (Original Version)

Def Jam



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  1. Well done.however this was kool moe Dees style. 'll never rapped again like this. This is the style kool moe see was talking about. When he said to 'll. In how ya like me niw

  2. I use to get u know who look like when I was in school i was on a cruise with my wife and girls followed me to my room saying u look like L.L my wife open the door saying yes but he's mine

  3. He is called the GOAT for a reason!! This song is so hard !!!!👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾 I'm 49 years of age and when I hear this jam, I think of how LL vocabulary on this cut was so Superior to other rappers!! Hip Hop at it's Zeneth as far as I'm concerned!!!

  4. You wanna rock a party and keep it legit? "ROCK THE BELLS"!!! Too bad this one wasn't released on-the-go regular radio stations. Howevetcitcwss a sure PARTY ROCKER. "ROCK THE BELLS"!!!!

  5. produced by rick rubin. in my opinion Rick is one of the unsung great hip hop producers in our culture. he, and Dj Marley Marl modernized hip hop beats and productions. no doubt about it. For a stretch of 4 to 5 consecutive yrs in the mid to late 80s these two, with their distinct sounds DOMINATED NYC Nitetime hip hop radio mix shows.

  6. This is the real reason Kool Moe Dee went at LL, contrary to what many people say. Listen to the lyrics, you can see LL's vocabulary is more superior and he never again rapped with the same style. The real reason He was mimicing Kool Moe Dee's style and copying Moe Dee's vocabulary. Thus Moe Dee responded with 2 or 3 subtle disses (he didn't call LL out by his name, but you knew who he was referring to without a doubt) on his self titled debut, " KOOL MOE DEE" there was two song on there in particular that comes to Mind. LL copied a MC Shan track and incorporated bells in this track. MC Shan dissed LL with a song called "Beat Biter" and LL apologized thus they remained cool.  But Def Jam / LL Cool J felt that Moe Dee disses went too far and they wanted LL to respond because of what Moe Dee did to Busy Bee and Run DMC. And this is what started the KMD vs LL Cool J war. I cant remember those two diss songs but I will look them up and post them.

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