Rouge – Arumtumtum (Rudi Smit | Dance Video)

Rouge – Arumtumtum (Rudi Smit | Dance Video)

BEST MUSIC VIDEO OF THE YEAR | The South African Music Awards 2018 #SAMA24

Rouge – Arumtumtum (Rudi Smit | Alex Fynn | Red Bull Music: FORMS | Dance Video)

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Prod. By Mae N. Maejor/Wichi 1080

A coming together of three creative forces, Red Bull Music Presents: FORMS sees hip-hop artist Rouge, director Alex Fynn, and choreographer Rudi Smit collaborate on a dance video set in an apocalyptic future, where groups are forbidden to mobilize in order to prevent them from challenging the overarching control of the city. Aiming to make a powerful but peaceful statement, a mob of individuals led by Rouge unite against the system.

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Rudi Smit dance crew : Untimitive

DOP: Zenn Van Zyl
CO-DIRECTOR: Andrew Kirkby
EDITOR: Timothy Weyer
PRODUCER: Kirby Kruger
PRODUCER: Keane Balt

Untimitive Dance Company:
Rudi Smit, Tevin Wiener, John Rispel, Thia Kleinsmith
Jodi Brookes, Carlene Slayters, Jared Schaedler
Stephanie Adams, Mandy Papier, Emile Petersen, Siphokazi Nkosi
Sam Fredericks, Prudence Jacobs, Jonathan Matroos, Logan Kelly

Sihle Sogaula, Yonela Makoba, Xola Makoba

ART DIRECTOR: Merryn Carver

MAKE-UP: Kerryn Barnes, Kerry Trainor

HAIR: Justine Alexander

AUDIO: John Claasen
BTS: Nick Burton-Moore
FOCUS​ ​PULLER: Charis Beasley
VT​ ​OPERATOR: David Miller
GRIP: Karl Friedrich
MOVI​ ​OPERATOR: Dewald Brand
AUDIO: Johnny Claasen
GENNIE​ ​OPERATOR: Wellington Chawatama

FIRST​ ​AD: Gary Witbooi

GAFFER: Tobie de Haas
BEST​ ​BOY: Niki Smith
BEST​ ​BOY: Simon Howes
SPARK: Antoine Kabal



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  1. You are a genius. Not only the video but the production and how you lace your verse. Yours is different from the others. You are an artist not a female rapper or whatever but an artist.Major Respect

  2. I like this. Gets me in "Robin Hood" mode when about to go out with my fam to go pull off "licks". (Licks = robbing the corrupt-minded-gluttonous-rich-humans & giving the goods to the meek of the ameriKKKan corrupt capitalistic system.)

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