Roxanne Shante – Roxanne’s Revenge (1984)

Roxanne Shante – Roxanne’s Revenge (1984) Music Video

World Premiere Video of Roxanne Shante’s Roxanne’s Revenge. This was encoded off a VHS tape from around 1984 so the video quality is decent, but not fantastic. The audio, on the other hand is rather good considering how old the tape is.



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  1. Wow…she looks as if she is 12 yrs old but she is 14yrs old and all those grown men hovering around that baby…my God…mom's I know that life is very difficult but I would've been there through every one of those dam sessions! F8ck that! Shout out to Roxanne Shante for making that bread for the fam tho! #WhatABabyDoll

  2. One question: WHY is the whole rap genre almost entirely based on poor Black people bragging, and disrespecting other poor Black people (later to graduate to rampant gunplay) ?

  3. When I think of female M.C.s she's the first person to come to mind. No disrespect to Lyte, she was just too masculine. Everyone else was either gay or over sexualized. Mia X is the second to come to mind.

  4. She was on her X-Men real young she was a prodigy the top female rapper of all time and Yo a lot of y'all don't even know rap originated from Jamaica and they brought it to New York and around 1974

  5. She from my era but I don't recall her for real, Mc Lyte, Monie Love, Nikki D, Queen Latifah, And of coarse salt and pepa…But I'm here cause of the movie, but she was a lil fire cracker.

  6. Anybody that listened to any underground 80's (Biz , Big Daddy Kane etc..) Knew her
    I was born in the 80s but I respect the best…2003 downloaded all get shit. Open your minds and recognize who started it

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