Roy Ayers – Everybody Loves The Sunshine // Brownswood Basement Session

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It was fate that Roy Ayers swung by the Brownswood Basement on the hottest July day on record, to perform his classic track ‘Everybody Loves The Sunshine’. Here it is!


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  1. Amazing, thank you so much for sharing. Wow i remember when my mother purchase that album, we are still listening to the UBIQUITY LP, his presence is everywhere!

  2. Roy Ayers Is A Big Inspiration In All Of Our Lives He Brought The Gift Of Jazz And I Still Appreciate The Work He Brought To This World! I Also Admire How He’s Still Going On Playing Music No Matter What Year Or Month. He’s Still Got His Passion For Music And No Matter How Old Roy Ayers Get He Still Got It. Thanks Roy Ayers!

  3. This man introduced me 2 the magic of music and the m👁nd as 1. I had a music teacher in Kindergarten who played “Mystic Voyage” 4 us and was telling us about how the different instruments represented different elements in nature and I was like, “WOW…music can do all of that?” I’ve been in love with his music ever since. By the time “Everybody Loves the Sunshine” and “The Third Eye” came out, I had even more overstanding and 2 this very day, those 2 songs take me up and out of here. Thank u Mr. Ayers….love, Peace, posi➕ivi➕y…..and looking 2 the sky in the Sunshine.

  4. Man, this is a tribute to Roy's humlity and humanity. I met him years ago in Richmond 'backstage' and he was as warm and personable as in this video.

  5. Not sure why this made me tear up…. need to check my estrogen levels. But how could you not be awed by how passionate he still is after all these years. Awesome vid.

  6. BET, Soul Train Awards, Why haven't you given this man a lifetime achievement award yet? Are you going to wait for him to be six feet under? (God forbid) Shame on You!!!!!

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