Run The Jewels – Don't Get Captured (Official Music Video From RTJ3)

Learn how to rap like the pros

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Official music video for “Don’t Get Captured” by Run The Jewels, off the RTJ3 album.

Directed by Chris Hopewell
Produced by Rosie Brind
Production Co: Jacknife Films
Executive Produced by Amaechi Uzoigwe

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Comment (25)

  1. Curious why the El-P character is wearing a New York Yankees cap, an organization owned by a multibillionaire hotelier and developer. Somewhat ironic given the video's subject matter. I suppose there are practical limits to stands one can take.

  2. I’m sorry but not sorry, if you’re not saying shit as a rapper I can’t listen. Tbh I’ve never been a lyricism head even during Tupac and Biggies time. These anorexic rappers living financial fantasy fictions really got society majorly mentally enslaved, especially when most are saying the same shit the last guy said repping second hand gimmicks, so understand me when I say guys spitting facts on tracks like them are always welcome although they’re rarities; that’s what makes them stand out. If there were too many woke rappers, nobody would listen considering there would be too many to choose from. Mumble rap is so successful because people aren’t tuning in for the lyrics, they gain their audiences with catchy beats hooks and most importantly visualizations; therefore nobody’s truly listening to what they’re saying; for if they were, they wouldn’t be listening at all. The positive is guys like them stand out for those wise individuals left whose listened all alone.

  3. Again I'm not even f**** worried about if you get captured right here now on this Earth or no because I know my dad's got you and I don't mean he's got your back and I'm not talking about the guy you think

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