Run the Jewels – Rubble Kings Theme (Dynamite) (Official Video)

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Here’s the video for the lead single “Rubble Kings Theme (Dynamite)” from the soundtrack for the documentary Rubble Kings. The single, produced by Little Shalimar and featuring Run The Jewels, is available now. Featuring performances from Bun B, Killer Mike, Tunde Adebimpe, Ghostface Killah, Roxiny and others, the album released to stores January 15, 2016 via Mass Appeal Records.

Directed by Shan Nicholson, this video was inspired by the Rubble Kings documentary and the works of the great Ralph Bakshi. The video depicts a story of street justice in the turbulent streets of the 1970’s South Bronx.

We follow “Little Nina”, who’s violently attacked by a rival gang on her way home from her grandmother’s house. What follows is an all out rumble between her gang, the fictionalized “Rubble Kings” and the “Javelins”. Run the Jewels alongside producer Little Shalimar provide the rugged soundtrack to the piece.


Directed by Shan Nicholson
Written by Shan Nicholson & Michael Holman
Production Company: Augenblick Studios
Animation Director: Virgile Bage
Producer: Aaron Augenblick
Supervising Producer: Lisa Thomas
Technical Director: Kristofer Wollinger
Composite Team: David Eber, Matt Gaston, Caroline Torres
Head of Backgrounds: Sean Sullivan
Production Assistant: Waymond Singleton
Interns: Ashby A Nau, Litian “Ace” Ji, Natasha Sharpe, Nelissa Somocierra, Huang Jing-Yuan

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What started as a humble graffiti ‘zine in 1996 would soon grow to be one of the most trusted outlets for youth-spawned urban culture. Today, Mass Appeal is a media collective led by authentic voices and inspired minds. We are a platform for radical creatives who are transforming culture.


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Comment (38)

  1. [Intro: Sample]

    I've seen Ak-47s

    I've seen sawed off shotguns

    I've seen all of this

    I've seen dynamite on the streets

    [Verse 1: Killer Mike]

    Surrounded by violence and murder

    Say, we in the streets and we grippin' on heat

    You got beef then we fryin' your burger

    My shoes on my feet and my words and my balls

    Is all I got, fuck with a murda

    Will happen to you, I am certain

    I'm certain as hell and I'm grippin' the tail of Satan himself: the serpent

    We pullin' in no social service

    We go in the store, they look nervous

    So down me to hell, damn me to jail, like fuck you, we robbin' the merchants

    The preachers sound silly in service

    Convincin' my mama that all of the drama must certainly serve higher purpose

    How fightin' could turn into curses

    When I tell her any god that make it plenty hard really ain't worth it to worship

    Man, I believe in my patches, man I believe in my fists

    Man, I believe in bandanas and pistols and holdin' down, rockin' my sets

    Born into turmoil and trouble, I became King of the Rubble


    Dy, dy, dy, dy, dy, dy, dy

    Dy, dy, dy, dy, dy, dy, dy, dy dynamite

    Dy, dy, dy, dy, dy, dy, dy

    Dy, dy, dy, dy, dy, dy, dy, dy dynamite

    Dy, dy, dy, dy, dy, dy, dy

    Dy, dy, dy, dy, dy, dy, dy

    Dynamite on the streets

    [Verse 2: El-P]
    Everythin' out here is broken, or blemished and battered, and tattered, but mine

    You let it burn and decay and created the kings of the cinder divine

    I am done asking and pleading and begging you recognize I am alive

    You are done walking inside of the section you’re treading in, there was a line

    Cement block, hard rock, it don't stop, get it, get it

    Your whole block's soft, it comes off like skittish bitches

    We're wolves to the bitter finish

    Not full, gotta get it in, get it? get us dinner

    Violators tryna finish any little sentence, we will sentence sinners

    It all stinks, but where we live is where the set's sinkin'

    They say sorry son accept it, same old song of the subjectors

    Sorry sirs, but we don't sing along to anthems or your pledges

    In your garbage rose the rulers of the restless, do not test us

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