Rxnde Akozta – Que Es Para Ti El Rap Remix

Rande Akozta is a Cuban rap singer. Considered one of the most important MCs that emerged from the Cuban underground scene and became known during the “Almendares Vivo” Festivals held in Havana, one of the most important events on the island dedicated to the Hip Hop culture.

His first solo album was a creative reflection of his long career with Mr. Huevo in “Los Paisanos”, influenced by great friends such as the Brothers of Causa, Los Aldeanos and Anonymous Consejo, among others.

The first single was Jodido Protagonista , whose music video was published on YouTube and was made by him, demonstrating the versatility of Rande to express his thoughts from thematic polemics about the conditions on the island and the world.

He has lived in Cuba, Finland, Venezuela and Spain, where he continues his lyrical and musical work in Barcelona. In Venezuela he was part of the Base and Content group .


Para mí el rap es esto, es mi mayor pasión y es el pretexto
De algunos para mentir y de otros para ser honestos
Es paz y rebeldía por supuesto es un día oyendo beats
Y hasta que no me suene no me acuesto
El rap no es solo tuyo, el rap es nuestro
Quizás no lo inventamos pero igual lo amamos como Ghandi al resto
Me importa un cojón tu puesto, yo hago esto porque
Invito mis piron, me importa un coño si molesto
Me gusta que suene fresco
Como rap-city en los noventa y pico
Ya nadie se acuerda de eso
No formo parte del progreso por ser un loquito de eso
Que sus temas no hablan de putas y sexo
Ni de matar ni de volar sesos
Aunque parezca un asesino soy un pan y lo confieso
Tratando de salir ileso
En este nuevo mundo táctil donde para encajar hay que bajar de peso
Conmigo no cuenten pa’ eso. El que me quiera, que me quiera
Como soy no soy un maniquí de yeso
Libremente soy un preso desde los noventa y pico
En Nueva York ya lo dijeron (…)
Pues eso, no se pa’ ti, pero pa’ mi el rap esto
Por cierto lo conocí por Vico C y lo agradezco
No se pa’ ti, pero para mí el rap esto
Representarlo y darlo todo en los conciertos, aunque
Me quede ronco, aunque se olviden de esto
El rap me representa por eso lo represento
No se pa’ ti, pero para mí el rap esto
Representarlo y defenderlo en los conciertos
En los barrios, en los metros en los aeropuertos
Desde que doy los buenos días hasta que me acuesto
Por eso, no se pa’ ti pero pa’ mi el rap es esto
El rap me representa…
Por eso lo represento

Lyrics in English

For me rap is this, it is my biggest passion and it is the pretext
of some to lie and others to be honest
It is peace and rebellion of course it is a day listening to beats
And until it does not sound I do not go to bed
Rap is not only Yours, rap is ours
Maybe we do not invent it but we still love it like Ghandi to the rest
I do not care about your post, I do this because
I invite my piron, I do not give a fuck if it bothers
me I like it to sound cool
Like rap-city in the Ninety-odd
And no one remembers that
I’m not part of the progress for being a little bit of it
That their subjects do not talk about whores and sex
Nor kill or fly brains
Although it seems like a killer I’m a bread and I confess
Trying to get away unharmed
In this new tactile world where to fit you have to lose weight
With me do not count for that. Whoever loves me, who loves me
As I am , I am not a plaster mannequin.
I am a prisoner since the nineties.
In New York they already said it (…)
Well, that is not the case, but for me rap this
By the way I met him by Vico C and I appreciate it
Do not be pa ‘ti, but for me rap this
Represent it and give it all in the concerts, although
I stay hoarse, although they forget about this
rap represents me that’s why I represent
Do not be pa ‘ti, but for me the rap this
Represent it and defend it in the concerts
In the neighborhoods, in the meters in the airports
Since I say good morning until I go to bed.
That’s why I do not give up, but for me, rap is this.
Rap represents me …
That’s why I represent him

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Track N° 03 de #ETC
►Descarga ETC aquí: http://adf.ly/t6eYn
►URBE RAP: http://urberap.blogspot.pe/
►ETC PlayList: https://youtu.be/Bnl2B4LssDM?list=PLD…


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