Sacar ( Lil Buddha )- Ganja Nation

Ganja Nation is not just the 3rd single from Lil Buddha Aka Sacar’s Album Tathastu, its an attempt to legalize marijuana.

Produced by Hype

Album Dropping soon

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Comment (47)

  1. Song makes no sense. You talk about life, hardship and struggle and now make songs about drugs, bitches and money. Full hypocrite and what a faker. Go die like a dog. was here and just wanted to say, you SUCK. Fuck LAURE as well. Guys if you are fan of Nephop, listen to UNIQ POET, the next J COLE of NEPHOP. FUCK SACAR AND LAURE. They suck, for me.

  2. Sacar you are next level ….Nepal rapper need to learn from him …if he was in us or uk he is dope rapper but Nepali people don't care about this legend .
    Love from Bhutan

  3. I love the twist….
    Asking the charger in the middle…its the best part…
    I dont listen to hiphop but the twist is something makes meh feel to listen this song….
    Yoo…ganja nation..

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