Sacred Reich "Don't Do It Donnie" (OFFICIAL)


Legendary American Thrash Metallers SACRED REICH have finished recording their highly anticipated new studio album – a first in 23 years – entitled ‘Awakening’. The album is due this summer. A first new song called “Don’t Do It Donnie” will be released April 19th on a split-7″ with IRON REAGAN.


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  1. I like these guys not just for their music but for their politics. Trumpers gonna get PTSD knowing real thrashers call out a racist scumbag when they see one lol.

  2. Looks as if Sacred Reich is next on my list of "F U's!" 🖕 I'll take Trump over this garbage anyday. In fact, if I had to choose Trump with all he's done or Sacred Reich with their one great album, I'll take Trump.

  3. They haven't released anything in years and you fucks are taking don't do it Donnie as serious? Jeezus Christ fucking judgemental boring keyboard critics keep away from spewing forth your opinions on "What sounds like a mediocre Municipal Waste" who the fuck even says that? Like people listen to Municipal Waste on purpose more likely they just are opening for the band you wanted to see. It's Sacred Reich your not gonna get the reinvention of the wheel people. won't never be American Way pt 2 probably gonna sound closer to ignorance is my guess but hey maybe they pick up where Heal left us. Anyway go listen to your xm radio and fuck off this is new Reich this goes on full blast then side next Iron Regan.

  4. Actually I was disappointed the first few times I heard the song. I found it to one dimensional for SR. But I like it more by every turn. And don't forget this is mend as an ode to old school hardcore. I think it would have fit really well on the undisputed attitude album of slayer. Especially in the slower part Phil really sounds like Tom on that album. That said I hope that SR, on the new album, sounds like their first 3 albums.

  5. Song is decent but the TDS content is honestly getting so tedious, forced and boring at this point. Its such a tired, safe target to go after, its not edgy or dangerous at all.

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