Sadat X – Think Different

Learn how to rap like the pros

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Sadat X – Think Different
Album: Generation X

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  1. somebody please tell me where the fuck i can find this song to buy…it is NOT the same track that itunes has even though they have the same name…shit is driving me crazy

  2. This shit is hot and contemporary…all it needs is the correct marketing plan to be reintroduced…..Now Rule was a great womb…..Now That You have learned Mathmatics..which is Islam and Islam is mathmatics…now you must learn to use it and secure some benefit for yourself…which is money..good homes and friendship in all walks of life…"The Dept Of Supreme Wisdom"..The Problem Book……B5X..aka The Supreme Articulator….

  3. Sadat X make's gold again… i fukn love his style… and with one of the most unique voice's in the history of the world this guy is something special… and one of the humblist maaaaaad props

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