Sammy Davis Jr. on drums & vibes

The talent of Sammy Davis Jr. as he plays drums and vibes


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  1. Sammy!!!!!!!!!!!! Phew!!!!!! This man is so talented, I don't know what to say!! I never knew ANYTHING about playing all these instruments and playing them great. I thought he sang and tap danced alittle. Wow. My mind is officially BLOWN!!!!!! 10/24/19!!!!!!!! WOW!!!! Wow!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!

  2. Sammy Davis Jr. was very talented. In a time when celebrities had to have talent and actually entertain people.
    God for fucking bid anyone have to do it in this day and age

  3. Among the Rat Pack Sammy Davis was the most gifted and intelligent, articulate, well-mannered and most politically relevant entertainer.

  4. Sammy was one of the greatest entertainers ever. He could do it all. Act, sing, dance, and play a variety of instruments. Who today can match his great talent?

  5. Beautiful Sammy! Too bad he wasn’t playing this drums during this video. 1:24 to 1:28 is the giveaway. Snare drum does a fill by itself. He so fast I can’t see his hands move! Lol! (Not saying this is not Sammy. I am saying the audio was different than the video.

  6. Amazing genuine talent, all by memory!! No electricity, wifi, or batteries, just running on true talent in every way with lots of energy! Now days being a socialite is a talent, how sad & pathetic is that…

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