"Sampler of Garapagos"exhibition by PoPPY OIL / "Pianity Remake12" produced by Olive Oil

Music “Pianity remake12” from “Far From Yesterday” by Olive Oil

PoPPY OIL -Collage Themed Solo-Exhibition-
” Sampler of Garapagos ”

Closing Party / AUG.5 2012 at.STUSSY FUKUOKA GALLERY

Live collage :
Cast : Olive Oil, Mantis, Zorzi, Klo-Do, Sato, Mactuve, Machete, Chaf, DJ SHOE, VJ uzuki, Shigeo Ichikawa
SP Thanks : Stussy, Don’t Find, club BASE, M2d, Manu coffee & Daimyo people ,ミラクル寿司


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