Samurai ☯ Japanese Type Beat ☯ Lofi HipHop Mix

Samurai ☯ Japanese Type Beat ☯ Lofi HipHop Mix

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00:00 Japanese Type Beat – ”Kanji”
03:39 Iruka – Ukiyo-e
06:46 Return of the samurai (Hiphop beat)
11:47 Iruka – Uchigatana
15:00 Asian Trap Instrumental Rap | Instru Rap Lourd/Sombre – SAMOURAI – Prod. By GUIGG’Z
17:10 “Tokyo Town” /일본풍 트랩 비트/고등래퍼 비트/Japanese type beat
20:12 Japanese Type Beat – ”Trapanese II”
24:16 Japanese Type Beat – ”Tsukimi”
27:56 Iruka – Sprout Tower
31:12 Japanese Type Beat – ”Yoru”
34:35 Japanese Type Beat – ”Mirai”
37:58 Japanese Type Beat – ”Suraisu”


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  1. I had my back against the door, my feet covered in blood from the floor; I walk a path of deception I wait for deaths collection. I cant wait to touch a cold steel blade. I wait for the devil to come so I can show him where it all begun. I was the samurai with no name; I was late to the pain now all of it just feels the same. I took you for a fool now im cool waiting for your soul to tear you. I watch myself as the sunset hits, I knew it was time for me to fly, id rather die in the clouds than swing another life.

  2. Listened to return of the samurai while playing Stardew Valley and the summer event happens where the jellyfish are all glowing and coming to shore, it was very serene and somehow really fit.

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