SanOGram, City Boy Dee and Yung Reallie of Good Belt Gang Kick a Dope Freestyle! | Sway’s Universe

Coming up with Noreaga, the Good Belt Gang shows out and shows off on the mic on Sway In The Morning.

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  1. Rapping is an art as well as a competitive cultural sport.  Correct?  If this is something you're passionate about it would run through your brain like interstate traffic. In other words…  IT SHOULD COME EASY!!!  When an aspiring painter's asked to paint a picture, he/she doesn't pull out a scrapbook of drawings,  they pull out tools and begin to paint onsite. Reading raps from phones are a disrespect to the greats.  writing's fine but, at least rehearse your rhymes so, you don't have to refer to a cheat sheet called a phone.

  2. N.O.R.E. wtf r u doing w these cats. Fucking shame …..i know rappers from Allentown Pa. That go wayyyyyyy harder than this. I get they nervous. But Damm!

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