Sauce Money – Actions (1997)

Sauce Money – Actions / 38 Special (Music Video)

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Sauce Money – “Actions/38 special” music video featuring Jay-Z and some of the Roc-a-fella crew.

Directed & Edited by Abdul Malik Abbott. Producer: Schavaria Reeves. AD Greg M&M Werts. DP: Charles Houston.

©Geffen Records

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Comment (22)

  1. @MGirl2006 actually J never had this record. This was a priority records release. He shoulda dropped it with the roc and he would have blown up harder as an artist versus a writer. J hatin is ummm, hatin.

  2. he was never jays ghost writer he was puff's ghost writer wrote won grammy for i'll be watching you and wrote most of no way out. also he was never signed to rocafella he was more part of the crew like jazo. expect him and jay are still cool

  3. I first heard "Actions" on an old DJ Clue mixtape. Later on I found it on Soulseek and DL'd it and it was a one song 12". I don't know the label. Hope that helps…

  4. True that, Sauce is seen out here on the regular,..i mean that's good cause niggaz like me know who he is, but these 90's babies all have lil or no respect for the man. He was Rockaway Fish & Chips 2 months ago,…& we knew who he was but some kids was digging into him B, it was a damn shame.
    But regardless I still fux with Sauce he's still relevant in my hip-hop book

  5. I liked Sauce from the first time I heard him on Bring the Pain or whatever track he was on Reasonable doubt, I feel he was as good as Jay back then, shame cause when his album came out it wasn't up to par and he just faded out.

  6. True dat, I fux w/ sauce, too bad he fucked up, jay wanted to sign him, but he wanted more money then Beans & bleek combined,…jay wasn't having that. Even though the literally are boys (grew up in the same building),… fast forward, to today we still see Sauce out here in Flatbush, Bed stuy while jay is in living large.
    Lesson, Sauce Call ur man up tell him u need a job, fuck ur pride

  7. Sauce vs Sigel forget abouth that. Sauce Money vs Mc Gruff The reason why I say that it's because there both underated and one hit wonders and have clever wordplay.For you suckas who don't know who herb mcgruff is just listnen to Big L songs and step your knowledge up.

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