Schoolly-D at The Latin Quarter – Old School Hip-Hop 1986

Made by dutch television – 1986 -Old school Hip-Hop


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  1. I was listening to Schooly D when he first showed on the scene. I remember being blown away by how raw and powerful he was. I used to love smokin a doob and listening to Saturday Night. Being a white boy listening to rap in the early and mid 80's, I knew only a handful of other people who listened to rap. And it was mostly Dougie Fresh, RUN DMC, Whodini etc. I would play Schooly D and people would say "Man, that's crazy music, it's too profane." And I would say that he's just rapping about reality. No fantasy bullshit. He got straight to the point and delivered hard! When NWA got big, all the same people jumped on the ganster rap bandwagon. I would tell them that Schooly was rapping like that when NWA was singing love songs ( World Class Wrecking Crew).

  2. I worked as a bouncer at the the LQ back in the mid 80's…And a lot of rappers use to get death threats, and people getting stuck up for their jewelry and a lot of fights which kept me on my toes…But good memories.

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