Seanie P, Geniuz F, Dough-Boy, Tommy Groove$ – 洗緊港紙 搵緊人民幣 (Official Music Video)

Directed by Seanie P
Director of Photography: Casi Ng
Music by DoughBoy
Lyrics Written by Seanie P, Geniuz F, DoughBoy, Tommy Grooves
Special Guests: Mic Li, Samo Wong, Lil’ [email protected], SBC

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Bakerie Records’ instagram: @bakerierecords

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Geniuz F’s instagram: @geniuzf

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DoughBoy’s instagram: @doughboybeatsyou

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(Seanie P)
左手港紙 右手人民幣
啲字變晒簡體 識洗唔識睇
理得你 乜嘢一國兩制
淨係知 我有錢 就係老細
有錢人 點會關心政治
話你知 愈有錢 我就愈多事
I.D. 卡 歡樂卡 全部帶齊
兄弟 北上 今晚發圍
過大海 帶大袋
港燦上上海 唔去巴黎
港燦 黑鬼 邊個巴閉
毛主席 甘乃迺 住我隔離

洗緊港紙 搵緊人民幣

(Geniuz F)
#MoMoneyMoProblem #經典
愈多錢 愈多問題我 係個 問題青年
我身邊 成日Kling Kling聲以為 有電話打嚟
原來只係 太多金鏈 好似黑鬼喺巴黎
我夠膽講 我有大水喉 你哋滴滴仔
班鬼妹大堆頭 捉我返房 係咪叫食鬼
上北京 代表洋紫荊 Nothing but a G thang
“If you got money” 連T-Pain 都要致敬
返去 Keep住Ballin’ 加個名 入Dipset
我認 我係Iron Man 因為班女 好似攝石
搵緊人仔 洗返 港紙
都冇問題 唔洗煩 因為 始終All Eyes On Me

洗緊港紙 搵緊人民幣

I’m on a paper chase cos Superman can’t save the day
Staying real, Paying bills on my 808s
Here in Hong Kong the shops closed, ain’t got dough
So I’m making red money shouting out to Rocco
I pop those bottles of the herbal wine, the shit ain’t mine
Why you think I’m that rich, damn bitch, never mind
I’m on the grind, never breaking bread with them crackers
Cos I know my currency, ain’t talking bout the rapper
All this cash I stack to my waist
If it don’t work, I’m back to my ways
Ain’t a G but I hustle to stay coming back up in a couple of days
Spending money and I’m chilling with my crew
Seanie.P tell these motherfuckers what we do

洗緊港紙 搵緊人民幣

(Tommy Grooves)
呢度淨係得權貴 有錢有權勢
你冇車冇樓冇番狗 代表你冇作為
抗爭又話搞衰經濟 上街又話好失禮
所以我決定撓埋雙手 北上搵下人民幣
從來未試過 搵錢搵到咁辣撻
你揸住嗰堆港紙 全部係垃圾
呢班死老鬼 最鐘意玩控制
打好呢份工 實際上做奴隸
係 係 實際上做奴隸
捱生捱死 捱一世 其實咪又係 捱騾仔

洗緊港紙 搵緊人民幣

© 2014 Bakerie Music Productions Hong Kong Ltd


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  1. One of those black guys looks like the fake rapper Blac Gene…who is a disgrace to the game..The rest of the video is ok, but that scene spoiled the vibe , up until then….

  2. 呢度淨係得權貴 有錢有權勢

    你冇車冇樓冇番狗 代表你冇作為

    抗爭又話搞衰經濟 上街又話好失禮

    所以我決定撓埋雙手 北上搵下人民幣

    sad but true

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