Stop the Violence Movement – Self Destruction (1989)

Stop the Violence Movement – Self Destruction (1989) Music Video

The Stop the Violence Movement was formed by rapper KRS-One.

During a Boogie Down Productions and Public Enemy concert, a young fan was killed in a fight; galvanized into action, KRS-One founded the Stop the Violence Movement. Comprised of some of the biggest stars in contemporary East Coast hip-hop, the movement released a single (‘Self Destruction’) in 1989 with all proceeds going to the National Urban League.



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  1. Yo! Listen up all conscious heads! I've just revisited this piece from over three decades ago, and quite frankly it really brings home to me the expression " I've forgotten more than I know". What happened? How could something so right go so wrong? The spoken message aside for a moment, which was little more than a funky lylric for me as a teenager, the message I latched onto was the collaboration, the coming togther of various artists to inform and entertain. Remember the mantra, Love, peace and unity. And having fun!. Notice how they all just in their everyday clothes. No bling up wardrobe's and no bling up jewellery on blatant show either. It was the roots of hip hop, everyday people coming together to express themselves sharing knowledge and wisdom. Back to the beginning questions of what happened and what went wrong? How did we lose sight and disregard the warning of the self destruction that would befall us? The self destruction can be looked upon from various different perspectives, and can befall upon various different damages or disasters. The one I think we all would like to address is the fall in the standard and quality of modern days music and artist. I suggest it's all down to what we call capitalism. I can't give the dictionary definition, it's along the lines of profiteering and increasment of wealth. Well due to the big record companys business models, pressuring artists returning huge record sales, artists have reduced to appealing to the lowest common denominator. Which results in uninspiring, untaxing, easy to understand lylical output. Such as simply put, Bang bang, buss a cap on ya, fit looking gal me a sex you up, and my premium luxury car is badder than yours! Do you remember them times? Well that be my humble and genuine attempt to gather a collective consciousness for mutual positive mental enrichment!
    Big up respect to you for getting here, I would appreciate all feedback on your experience of this post. Positive and/or negative is all good and greatly appreciated.

  2. Tone Loc was in this video, fresh off his pop hit WILD THING yet he still supported the message and didn't capitulate to the powers that be which was his record label.. Brother was real

  3. 2019 and this shit is still the blueprint for looking at how some black men have caused there own self destruction by getting murdered , incarcerated and unemployed

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