Serves You Right – UK Hiphop Instrumental 2013 [Prod.Cypriot Vibez] (Buy Beats)
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  1. i feel like im the only one whos got a vision but noone will ever stop to listen because im not a polloticion they think the opposition whos tryna rock the system so they send me off to prison im not here to cause an arguement  just because my minds sinister u think ill walk into parliment n kick the fuck out of the primeminister yea im fast tactical and i find a mask practical now thats magical that the credit crunch is just mathmatical its a cost illusion forget about money and prostitution what about the lost solution to stop pollution

  2. keep this on repeat 
    and rythem to the beat
    ima tell you a story all about me
    hopefully to reach the people 
    whos been there done that got the t shirt
    whos been bullied by a teacher
    success this a teach her
    or whos been a victim of sexual abuse
    and it feels society will blame it on you
    well deep down you know what to do
    dont let the past haunt you 
    let the future be endless oppurtunitys
    this is for those who didant make it to university 
    the ones who sees the controversy
    the ones that didant do well at school got them thinking like a fool
    the ones that run away at the first sighn of trouble
    well i say dig through that rubble and rise above it
    to the ones with alchoholic parents
    who turns to alchohole themselves
    or end up on the street
    robbing from a shop just for a peice of meat for tea
    and the ones with babys to feed
    and all the innocent people who need to be freed,

  3. Check out my new instrumental (produced on flstudio in 20 mins) But Let me know if you like, Leave a comment, and if you would like to see more then subscribe…Peace! @GrizlyB

  4. Cont…. selling keys, smoking gs, the police going freeze, don't get twisted but I aint doing this for no one else, but my own health, cause I want a 7 digit bank balance livivng in wealth

  5. Another day to fix up look sharp, wake up, time to create another killer no1 in the chart, stealing the publics hearts, trying to reach all the way up to the top, this aint hip-hop this is rap comming back with the master attack the master plan anyone do it liam vance can, im like a little kid teething, raging, cause I'll make sure you aint breathing, bury you 6ft under, let the world know I bring the thunder, make them wonder, how im so supreme at the age of 17, kickin back with my young team,

  6. Come to the manor with that mantra, a beating will the first thing i hand to ya, playing you, awful crude, i'll tie the noose and your old news, Kicking or bickering, you jittering, big front but ur bitter kid, take a sip of life but don't touch the pie, a coward hearts only eats what the god's decide, so let it low whilst the Bars are getting recycled and re-cloned, i settle the score and ur a charity snoor.

  7. coca cobana its more like coca the spanner,bet your fuckin role model is hannah montana, al fuck you up like chopper but i aint eric banner,your lryics are whack looking at the gives me a headache and its a banger, perfetic excuse for a tool just like a glass hammer, al cut you into shapes like a razer blade stanna, you aproched your comment in the wrong manner,now the manner you can use is for from fresh like a flower,but more like the smell from the 9/11 towers PEAAACCCEE

  8. UK niggas get no shows, release an albumn over here, no cash no revenue. Your shit be slackin, your accent aint cool, back to basics, job centre's the path for you. No kiss no hugs, you twisted the message, no california love. you try jump ship, cause you a sinking island, JLS & Pro Green? Nigga be quiet, Hip Hop is hip hop, not generic UK pop, your postcode wars are kiddys play, we still the big boss. So show your bandannas, see who's harder, or lay down & play downnyour scene's ambition.

  9. Look at me wot are u expecting?Dnt judge me by my looks en im the new face of Great Britain the new generation,Dnt have to work on a tan im blessed,Girls all around me wen i strip dwn 2 my vest aint no beggin no teasin jus straight 2 the caress,Licking my dick my balls an my chest guaranteed 2 put her 2 the test everytime were in bed,
    Get on a grooveting,Ur 2 scared ur 2 much of a rudeting,Screwface all day long ur a mood king,Dnt do that 2 me smile brother please elighten me wiv ur VO-CAB-ULARY

  10. i think to myself do i wanna do this anymore, im still poor// lay pissed and stoned on her bedroom floor// my mind hurts, pocket poor sod droppin bags of draw// my words are raw, see your soul torn and leave you clenchin jawwww// and ive seen it all before, it dont change// enraged with no wage, last tenner on a bag of haze// we live for the mcs, beats and raves// the lyrics, hip hop bars and musical stavessss

  11. Yes, I never miss a note, even when I'm on that rocky boat//People try an act differently, but it's a hazard to be someone else you wern't suppost to be//Look at it like you don't care though, rather just spit my flow yanno//Wether I'm smart, a Pro. Or A slowed down show, cus it's what i like to do//Preform to my best, never let any one man step on my next//Or my family tree, what keeps me going. I don't swing from my A to B's//That just isn't me. Rather act on the paradise, now that I can See.

  12. Walking out each and every city, never leave without any pitty//Just got to different raves, yeah that's my kitty//Bank don't wana pay, so I gotta make it another way, under the weather naw//See I never get them days, grey clouds I Don't believe, mentally break you down leave you with toxic foaming breathes you bleed//Contagious, try act that main feed//Open up the gates for the theme, colours of paradise, never fails in my mind//Cus I repeat, this type of life keeps me in time//Every Rhyme

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