Shotgun Victim Interview – Jerry

Shooting Victim Interview – Jerry

Interview and portrait of Jerry, a man who survived a shotgun blast to the face while waiting at a bus stop on his way home from work.

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Comment (34)

  1. And yet this man is lost in the streets still struggling to survive everyday, while the person who did this gets fed 3 meals a day, has a toilet to shit in, and a bed to sleep in. Shit aint right man.

  2. Oh man what can I say,
    This man should be taken care of , how can we leave a brother out there so vulnerable. May God bless him, May is countenance shine on him, and may his peace,perfect,whole,complete be his, xx get in touch bro if you can I want to help you. I’m in the uk but that’s a little problem xx

  3. And to think people wake up daily with a negative outlook on life complaining about simple stupid things yet this guy had half his face blown off and is more positive than half the people I know . God bless this guy he's a walking testimony

  4. Respect to this man right here. Still manages to keep a positive attitude even tru all his struggles, and then we have these stupid teenage girls these days crying and killing themself because they got the wrong color on their new phone this christmas or because someone called them fat. People are weak.

  5. THIS GUY IS POSITIVE VIBES. Y'all be happy where you are in life. This guy could get some help! Like maybe a couple days at a hotel. Let him live a real life. This is fucking hurting I feel bad but he's a good dude I can just tell…
    I watch these videos and just think of how blessed I am and not to judge bc you just never know.

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