Showing Australian Rap/ Grime Part 3

Kerser, ChillinIt, Wombat, OneFour, HpBoyz, Complete and a freestyle! Right… righ, righ, righ, righ, righhhhhhhhht… Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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  1. “They fall me chingy, not coz the way that i squint my eyes” you dont need to see his eyes to understand that bar it obviously flew over your head, hes referring to how asians eyes r squinted but they call him chingy coz hes the chef alot of asians here in syd

  2. The reason onefour can have so many people is because thats there crew and they dont give a fuck like listen to there lyrics and bars for a bit and youll realise these guys are the real deal they dont give a fuck "put an op on his shirt" "a few ops gone missen" just put two and two together

  3. As a fellow Aussie I feel like I need to say this. ‘Cunt’ isn’t just a bad word here in Aus. I call all my mates cunts all the time and people always say it to me. It’s literally another word for a mate or friend. And getting called a mad cunt is literally a compliment

  4. Yeh man I listen to wombat chillin it, kerser, son of Sam all of that shit and coz I'm from au it's easy for me to understand. But I struggle to understand what stormzy says half the time coz of his British accent. That's exactly why I don't listen to uk grime rap. Also big boi bars is a mix of all there songs with a few like line joiners in between as far as I know, but I'm a dumb cunt so I probs don't know much.

  5. For police own safety they are to scared to shut one four due to police will be out numbered and if police draw weapons one four will be pulling the trigger back

  6. Something you might know about kerser, before fame he claimed he will drop a number 1 on the charts album each year for 10 years and has done so except for 2018 the only year since 2011 he didn’t release a album

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