SILVER BULLET – 20 Seconds to Comply (1989)

SILVER BULLET – 20 Seconds to Comply (1989)

Well here’s Silver Bullet’s full video version of ’20 Seconds to Comply’ which reached the U.K. charts at the end of November ’89, then became a minor hit in January ’90. No copyright intended.



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  1. This was and still is far out stuff. Blasting away contenders in less than 20 seconds. Easily. Raw. Well crafted. Political. And so fast it’s almost jungle!! Top that!! Britcore at its best. Much love!!

  2. Late 80s early 90s UK hip hop really WAS (still is) the best " THINK YOU CAN OUTSMART A BULLET? " the shit out now beggars belief in comparison

  3. I've still got this on tape to this very day August 2019 fufkin classic….by the way for those who incorrect the style of music, this is thrash rap a it was first introduced…

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