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  1. Zasto? Nije srb I hrvart Ali pravoslav I katolkic. Jebem boga mi smo Jedan narod ,bez jevreskom knjigom ne be ,bilo rata I govno. Na planets.

  2. it's becasue the weak hate the strong so they over compensate and become trasnparent.The best they come up with is fuck ______, and saying (Kosovo)spelled with an "a" which means nothing in Albanian) but seperates it and makes it a pseudo-Shiptar word.. NATO is not very creative with nation building-. Kosovo-Metohija-FAIL IRAQ-FAIL AFGHANISTAN (is Amereica's 2nd Vietnam-FAIL. war=wealth for the 1%. Average person= cannon fodder.

  3. We know that the current world situation is imposed from Washington and Brussels and is artificial and can not be a lasting solution for any nation.

  4. There is no argument here anymore, because you have no idea what you're even talking about. And furthermore why would I be reading books by yugoslav authors when im not yugo? and why are you comparing the USSR control over Poland to yugoslavia. I mean WOW, your lack of knowledge about the USSR is astounding. Good job though, I wish the USSR had taken over yugoslavia so your people would realize how idiotic they sound when they talk about pro-russia

  5. And again – lack of agruments lead you to nothing more than personal attacks. The crimes of your nation you try to excuse with infantile cry "Poland was forced to do it"… Just like Yugoslavia didn't do it, Poland didn't have to do it! My point…which you of course missed again…was (and let me give it straight to u since abviously u don't get intelligent analogies) – Poland is no more "guilty" or "innocent" than USSR or Russia..indeed it was totalitarian governments who made those decisions!

  6. uhmmm russian pan-slavism isn't what you think it is. You're clearly an idiot as much as you try to prove that you're not.
    Also, Poland was forced to invade czechoslovakia due to pressure from the USSR, please read a book, it'll do you some good.

  7. Want to talk about USSR? Guess what…your dear Poland is not an angel – Poland also invided Czechoslovakia in 1968 – Your country was as aggressive as USSR in opressing other Slavs! Back then the only real brothers who we had were Yugoslavs who were on our side against your aggression!

  8. You are MOST CONFUSED person I met this month! You say "Russia doesn't give a shit about serbs/czechs/ukrainians…." but u also say "all russians care about is panslavism" – these are your EXACT WORDS and they are absolutely contradictory… And in your egoistic confused rage you failed to notice that I am actually very much against Russian government and 99% of what they do…:)

  9. They would conquer us and convert us all to russians if they could. You're very very very naive and stupid. Please read about the USSR, perhaps just MAYBE you'll get a clue

  10. wooooooooooow LOL okay before I completely embarrass you, first off I didn't swear at you LOL, secondly I'm embarrassed that you are slavic because I am slavic too and you give my people a bad name.
    Anyways, to my original argument. You clearly fail to realize that all the Russian government ever wants is more buffer countries towards the west. Russia doesn't give a shit about serbs/czechs/ukrainians/slovaks/poles etc.

  11. lanbsanger…you are either not very smart, or very misinformed… You say "Russia" – by which I assume u mean Russian governement – only cares about panslavism…..???!!! If that was true Russian governement would not smash Georgia for non-Slavic Ossetia and Abchazia, but they would have smashed Albanians to protect Kosovo-Slavs. So abvoiusly u know rat's ass about these issues!

  12. Lol yeah just look how the russians helped you during WW1 and even during the 90s when nato and america was bombing you.
    All russians care about is pan-slavism and russia being on top, if you don't believe it just look at USSR. Naive serbs will learn the hard way.

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