Skepta – Ignorance Is Bliss | The Listening Party

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Comment (46)

  1. these lot are weird when skepta changes up the beat he cant rap onit but when he keeps it the same ohh hes done that for 10 songs fuk you on😂 energy tune he changed it up slow vybing song but then they all go quite skepta is a international legend in the game how can you hate on him also he bought american artists to rap with uk artist put uk on the map fs bunch of weirdos and that afro girl is jus clapped😂 talkin bwt nafe smallz that says two words and shes like yehhh hes better than skepta😂 what with auto tune he didnt even say owt special

  2. Who clocked the lighty geting aired for a spud from Lippy at 5.55 loool. these man criticising way to much, overall the album is a good body work, he cant make the same sound on each tune, hes a big artist, travelled the world, so needs to cater for everyone, big up skeppy

  3. Been a big skeppy fan for years now. Ngl first time I heard this album I was a bit unsure about it, but once I listened to it again I liked it even more. And the next time even more. Skepta even said in an interview about this album that you need to listen to it more than once! Guarantee this lot have listened to it again and liked it even more. If not then they’re just hating for Hatings sake. This album is 9 out of 10

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