Skepta – ‘Love Me Not’ ft. Cheb Rabi & B Live (Official Video)

Download Love Me Not and order the album Ignorance Is Bliss:

Twitter: @Skepta
Instagram: @Skeptagram
Facebook: @SkeptaOfficial


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  1. Nong xiaomi, ni hao, wun sen pars
    I'm sure that most of the time you spit
    You always use my bars, not yours
    Yo blud, what do you think this thing is?
    This ain't 2005
    I don't give a fuck what plane that you fly
    Might get something aimed at your eye
    You ain't the microphone champion, that's a straight up lie
    It's the wunmi xiaomi xi wun sen wun sen
    You know that's I
    What you doing with them USA guys?
    Transsexuals and bis
    Every other day, somebody dies
    But today, Skepta's funeral

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