Skinnyman – Council Estate Of Grime Video(Snippet) | UK HIP HOP

Skinnyman – Council Estate Of Grime Video(Snippet)


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  1. paying your dues dosent work in music. if you fall off you fall off. look at kano, dizzee rascal, or eminem. your still going to get hated on if you come out with bad stuff.

  2. I don't like this, particularly, or really anything Skinny has released in a while. But for some reason, I just cannot dislike him. Whatever he may do now, he's paid his dues, he's a veteran, and he's put out some classic material. Will always have love for Skinnyman.

  3. skinnyman is a legend , one of the safest people you will ever meet at a rave and hes put in pure work for uk hip hop over the years

    if you dont know your not involved

  4. honestly i thought it was a damn good tune weird at first then it sunk in mad smooth, great beat as well 5^

    i cant spell anything right today

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