Skinnyman Freestyle on a Dead Prez Beat – Exclusive Footage

SkinnyMan – Mud Fam freestyling on a classic Dead Prez beat.

Filmed at the original Deal Real record shop which was based on Noel Street in Soho, London,


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  1. PURE UK GRIMEY! Before grime! The female emmcee is pure lyrically dope flowing .. Who is she!!?? Man like me love the hip hop dub reggae since 1970s … 1973 and still loving music like hip hop jungle dub……………. Shame UK Hip Hop doesnt make as much money as grime…. Nah dis just correct ..

  2. Can any uk heads help? Im making a documentary film about the history of north london hiphop. I am looking for old video footage, pics and recordings of MUD FAM and MUDLUMZ and anyone else related to that whole Bury scene back then. If anyone has anything they dont mind being used in the film [and properly documented for the scene] please get in touch. Would be very appreciated. Thanks, Jack
    [email protected]

  3. PLEASE READ I used to own the vhs this was on and there was a Chester p verse that I can't find on YouTube anywhere. He had that lyric that had the line 'while your falling off like Paul Daniel's wiggy hair'. Please can someone point me to this clip or upload it. It had an extra verse to it that was sick.

    Cheers ! MFTC

  4. Does anyone know where to get the old "UK Hip Hop untapped" Dark n Cold VHS tapes? (the ones that these freestyles are featured in). I used to have them but they seem really hard to get hold of now.

  5. Dead Prez – Hip Hop.  Original track produced by John Carpenter, film director, for the soundtrack for the film Assault on Precinct 13, 1976.

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