Skinnyman – When I Give My Heart

Skinnyman – When I Give My Heart. Visit for more videos!


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  1. thank you skinnyman! absolutely love this track brings me right back to when i first heard it a certain time in my life was capsulated by this song. incredible power for a song to do that! still as many heart pangs when listening from the first time til today

  2. @Phil Maplesden Life MC is Incredible and one of my favourites even with the fake american accent.

    But what about Taskforce, Jehst, all of High Focus Reords and of course the One and Only MF DOOM?

    Skinny has paraphrased Nas' lyrics before, and for my money is similar, in the sense that he is all about knowledge and truth. : )

  3. i've lived a sheisty life, but hip hops the part that i like, thats why i gave my heart to the mic, an i got 18 year old lyrics yet to recite, so my name wasnt built off of hype it was built off of years of crushing heads on the open mic, where heads wanna turn and fight, but i'll burn em right.

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