Skream – Rutten (Dubstep) 2006

Skream – Rutten (Dubstep)

No need for an introduction to this tune. amazing.
Skream Dubstep

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  1. Mmmm this cougar woman rode my face in her tight jeans and she ended up c💦ming through her panties and onto my face to this song. Good times😂lol👍🍻!

  2. Vibing at 5 am new years morning 2020, this in my top 5 dubstep tracks big up Skream and Big Apple records back in the day, just got my vinyl outta storage with all the Tempa and FWD stickers on the boxes big apple sent me, reminiscing lol

  3. My mate played this one last weekend at a party. The subtle wobble felt so good. Made me remember all those times in 06-09 when dubstep landed in Finland and events were arranged in all the big cities. We went to all the parties that we could. Then the wave crashed on the other side of the Atlantic ocean and this kind of dubstep faded away.

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