Snowgoons – "Starlight" (feat. VIro The Virus) [Official Audio]

Learn how to rap like the pros

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Comment (47)

  1. Rest in peace Viro….thank you for leaving this gem behind 4 us…..whatch. Over us kid….peace to the GOD 😢💯💯💯💯💯💯💯🙏

  2. How's your feel causing artists to commit suicide?? I just wonder if anyone in the office feels bad… Like, you had a man (viro)… Making you money… Did you care beyond that?

  3. Just noticed some of the lyrics and melody in the chorus are from the song Some other time by the Alan Parsons Project. Still a good song tho.

  4. Seriously, I have a problem, understanding how great Viro was. This track is dope as fuk, but it's the beat and chorus that's carrying it. I just realized Viro is rapping all 3 verses, I actually thought it was different rappers (LOL), but just look how hes rhyming. It's sad….

    While waitin' for the stars to align
    In a moment in TIME when it's my moment to SHINE
    But until then I keep my eyes on the prize
    And try to survive night-after-night goin' for MINE

    That's why the moonlight is MINE
    When the moon starts to SHINE a feelin' moves up my SPINE

    He just fucking copied his rhyme? Like wtf? Is this guy retarded or something? He literally wrote two identical rhymes. Wtf is happening? Why are people praising this guy? He cant even rhyme on more than 2 syllables. His flow was very mediocre. He sucked. He fucking sucked. That's why he didnt make it in music. And that's probably why he took his own life. RIP VIRO, you werent as dope as you think. This TRACK is DOPE though, dont get me wrong.

  5. as i tip toe through this abyss
    i realise two steps behind what i have missedangel on my right demon on my left
    nothin else has yet to crawl up my chestcept theez spiked knuckles as a part of my armor
    and wings to punch through you with the pawa of karmail make you find the darkest corner and hide
    then creep up through the floor and grab you by your balls
    then clinch my claws around your brain squish , then smoke a stash
    i'm friedmovin through the dark plains with a sound thats gifted
    and when your ass hits the fire your sure to be liftedtwisted shifted and full of miss givement
    nothing but the thirst for blood
    as we rip whats left of you through the mud
    your dreams are miss shapened into blankets of love
    you now work for the underworld may you serve one cut above
    perhaps make it to my realm and il nudge you some bud
    work hard enough and your soaring with a scud
    i die like this cause my life has been shit
    but i work just as hard for what made me liftyou'l see someday on the otherside i wasnt talking shit
    make it back to your friends run and hide in that dark space you was in
    tell mommy to make all kinds of friends
    and go out the best fucking way possible to look back at yourself
    you wouldnt want to be disgusted so paint your name
    me i do it every day
    shit stained knuckles all over thier teeth
    you fucking with me and your fucking for free
    i want to die in combat so be fucking ready
    because when i go im taking you with me
    then we float together and we smoke bjournes tree
    before you go wherever and a good friend has to leave
    its just too bad it was alcohol that made you decide our life
    so you drownd in it while i set you free
    dont you see
    triblulation in threes
    or did it blind you when you shattered my knee
    but what you dont see is the mana fixed it all for me
    twisting the nether shifting the breeze
    i am gryj and this angels complete
    and if you see me then its in your dreams
    unless your dead then you get on your knees
    pay homage to the legion that can part the seas peace and pick apart my life don't let government put my life out to make billions

  6. ""In a matter, of a moment lost till the end of time"
    (It only takes a moment)
    "It's the evening of another day and the end of mine"
    (For your life to fly by)
    "In a matter, of a moment lost till the end of time"
    (It only takes a moment)
    "It's the evening of another day and the end of mine"
    (Just to find you're outta time)"
    RIP Viro the Virus

  7. If anyone interested in hearing more of Viro's material, I implore you to listen to "Deep End", one of his earliest tracks. The technical ability and storytelling prowess he demonstrates on that track is unbelievable.

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