Solid Rock – Street Warriors featuring Shannon Noll

Indigenous hip hop crew Street Warriors recently teamed up with former Australian Idol favourite Shannon Noll to release their own version of Goanna’s 1982 Aussie rock classic Solid Rock.


Featuring Street Warriors, Shannon Noll and Albert David (dancer).
Shot in Gunnedah, Street Warriors’ home country including the cave of the Red Chief, Street Warriors’ ancestor.

Shot and directed by Matthew Cheung for Scope Red.
Executive Producer and Creative Director: Lorda Omeissah

Brothers Abie and Warwick Wright, aka Predator and Wok, originally made a name for themselves as Local Knowledge before branching off to form Street Warriors, on the back of their high-energy, in-your-face Aboriginal anthems.

Following on from the release of their seven-track EP titled Real Knows Real, Solid Rock will be their first release aimed at a mainstream audience. The track, which will be released on August 31, is the first single off their debut album due out in late 2009.

Solid Rock, with its lyrics about Aboriginal displacement from the land and its didg intro is considered a ground-breaking release in Australian rock music history. Written by Goanna’s lead singer Shane Howard, it is also credited as the first Aussie Top Ten rock ballad to display solidarity, understanding and the acceptance of a truth previously unheralded. After its release, it picked up ARIA Single of the Year and the bands debut album, Spirit of Place, also won Best Album.

Shane Howard gave the Street Warriors his blessing for the re-mix, and sat in on the recording sessions with Abie, Wok and Shannon in Melbourne. The Street Warriors also opened this years The Dreaming festival with the song, featuring Shane and his daughter on chorus vocals.


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Comment (39)

  1. This is amazing work!!!
    Makes me proud to be aboriginal, always have been but this has made me more proud!
    well done boys! and shannon noll! well done!!

  2. A wicked re-mix! Solidarity to all indigenous and activist crew throughout Australia and the world. Australia endoresed the UN's Declaration of Indigenous Rights in 2009 – Let's bring it on! 😀

  3. Love this clip & version, keep it up brotha's sending u love n support all tha way from the West….we play this all the time at Noongar Radio 100.9FM…Karla Hart xo

  4. I stumbled upon this accidentally and i gta say I LOVE IT!! Gr8 tribute to the classic… I actually prefer this to the original.. and it's gr8 to see it's AUSSIES doing it not some tosser from another country!!

  5. this clip is fully awsome, street warriors rock on, nollzy rock on, respect to the remake of a classic aussie song, and the dancers' name is albert David….unc's represent!!!! kidd blaze im out!!!!!

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