South African Hip Hop

Another Hot track from South Africa. While out there, the name ProKid is heard from the Streets to the radio stations. So I decided to “cop it”. If ever in J-burg, be sure to go to Musica (at the mall), and ask about their local Hip Hop Cd’s.


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  1. @stevovo555 actually they are. alot of black americans look more african than i do. an im african to the bone. so, go fuck urself.

  2. ya brew. eita. jossy is my home town yo. apartate is in the older people of the southern africans its the old that still keep it n issue. the youth are the future!! theres no hate between us… infact i miss my brothers there some o the coolest people ever.. im proud of where i came from n where we going. but now all the white are leaving cos of black empowerment?? another issue made by old polititions to fuck up a beautiful nation…

  3. LOL, yea, there are actually quite a few. My fav one out there's in Sandton.

    I think I put that out there cuz people still think it's odd for S.A. to have malls (even when I show the pictures!)

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