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After giving us his Platinum Edition recently, and gaining over a million views twice on the channel, we decided to give Sox an exclusive Diamond Edition freestyle!
Prod. by SNY
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Comment (43)

  1. been banging the platinum edition everytime I'm driving,
    this is newer & didn't even know it existed?

    switch up of the same kinda barss, so sick.
    he killed the b2b with manga too

    i fully think sox woulda blown time ago if his voice wasn't so annoying sometimes

    haaaardddd tho

  2. ‘Man bust shot after me like Neuer, I dived in the grass cuz I didn’t want beef like soya, everybody knew who it was but nobody rang police and nobody needed a lawyer, might see Sox with a public figure but that’s not wifey that’s my runner..!’ 💥💥

  3. I used to think Grime was dope but there is no evolution to it. It's like its stuck in the mud. How the fuck are you going to sound identical to every other thing you have ever put out….ever?

  4. Sox what's goin on bro you need to get on you're game bro I cld do some beats for you to spit on holla you need to get big again bro come on we know you can do it but yea I can do some production for ya

  5. sox youve always been abit weird n the reason man rated you were ya bars now whats goin on with all these dead bars nowadays.. i usta rate ya but.. brush ya teeth.

  6. Sox is one of them you either love him or hate him lol his lyrics and way with words does take the piss tho sox is a funny guy lmao rate him fully 100% now this is the sox you wouldn't clash

  7. What the actual fuck are you still doing on the scene? Love how all your clashes with kozzie in Lord of the Mic have disappeared. Even though kozzie ran out of bars at least he knew when to do one. Do us all a favour and put a sock in it

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