Space trip ~ lofi hip hop mix | beats to relax/study to

Thank you for keeping my channel alive.🖤
Sunmi Han, Virginia Vega, Alex Chambers, Gaetan Fairy, Saint_PD, Brandon Vano, Daniel Hernandez, Dru Morton, Eduardo In Chang , Eric Watson, Jeffrey Thompson, Jessica J., Kevin Choi, Kibamaru193, Loki Peyton Jones, Matthew Cass, Nap, Nguyễn Vũ,Sam, Stephen Bauso.

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⭕ Fan Channel “Dreamy Room” (all removed mixes)

⭕ Tracklist :
00:00 peatu – snowfall
02:50 drowsy – thursday drive
05:46 .Uzu – im sorry
08:08 roze – 02 : 00 am
09:55 Ancient Space – Lofi Jazz
12:42 tzelun ( daniel lee ) – searching
14:43 tzelun ( daniel lee ) – without reason
17:37 waiting for you – If I Wanted To
20:11 waiting for you – Just A Bad Day
23:40 waiting for you – Homesick
26:04 arvnd – you can do it




tzelun ( daniel lee )

waiting for you


👁 Art

Dreamy <3

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Comment (27)

  1. sometimes my simplicity contends with this kindness and my heart and mind ask for too much. thanks for realizing that it sometimes serve a purpose that is profoundly amazing to see these silent moments within ourselves 🙂

  2. Just found this type of Youtube channel in college; thank you so much for providing this and making studying so much easier. You're a lifesaver, thank you!

  3. I just want to give 10 thumbs up to these beats. They help me out with my depression, and my delusions and my body aches. Don't stop making these videos, atleast in my lifetime which is very short. Thank you Dreamy

  4. I love space. It's a place so cold, chaotic and empty yet it's the calmest place to be. At least, in space, there's no-one who can make you feel bad about yourself, judge you or disappoint you. It's like finding peace in the middle of chaos. Sometimes, I just want to go to space and leave Earth behind with all the negativity and the problems that make me feel worthless. I just want to go somewhere where I feel free to be who I am.

  5. If I could add more than a like, I would love nothing more! Listening and understanding the music is 1 thing. To comprehend it is another. BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!
    To look at the art as you listen to the music. To see as you watch/observe through as you also listen. And not only that. To one's own perspective as an individual looking and watching or simply listening, can have their own perspective on the beauty of this song. And if not simply this song, but every song made.

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