Spanish guitar Hip Hop Beat ( Sampled )


another sampled beat…..hope you guys like it..


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  1. 5N193R on RapPad wrote:
    Demask bitches and label em hoes /
    everybody know they be fucking in rows /
    so much pussy an they all on me /
    i beat that pussy then touch it lightly /
    shid im know as the ladies man /
    cus this nikka always got a back up plan /
    thats why im the leading man /

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  2. You forgot andalusians: What do andalusians poets feel now?
    (If you don't know andalusia is a region of Spain, in this is typicall flamenco and is so representative about Spain patriotism…) Sorry my bad english.. i'm spanish.

  3. What do poets feel now? They sing with mens voice, with eyes of men they see,…okay I got tired of translating, basically the dude is talking everything about men. I know Spanish.

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